The PAS-200 Passive Audio Switcher – With SNMP Network Interface

The PAS-200 Passive Audio Switcher provides A/B switching of up to 16 individual balanced pairs of digital or analog audio. The PAS-200 is designed to meet the rigors of live sound, production, recording or broadcast environments. Feed up to 16 A and B inputs and the PAS-200 can be programmed to switch one at a time or any grouping of the 16 channels to 16 outputs.  Audio I/O is Tascam™ standard. Easy setup and command using the BDI Stack GUI interface. What makes the PAS-200 even more powerful is the ability to use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for control and status of the switcher.  SNMP is a powerful protocol for control and setup of devices on a network and the PAS-200 is equipped to handle SNMP setup and command protocols.

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PAS-200 Datasheet 

Available Accessories for the PAS-200