The DPS-100D Digital RF Power Measurement System

The DPS-100D Digital RF Power Measurement System includes a precision directional coupler ordered by EIA line size, and DPS-100D Digital RF power meter electronics package with onboard backlit LCD display. This system is suitable for measuring analog or digital RF signals with accuracy within +/- 5% of reading.

Use the DPS-100D as a standalone power monitor/antenna protection system or use more than one DPS-100D to create monitor system for master antenna applications or for complete RF facility site monitoring. The DPS-100D is part of a larger family of site monitoring products available from Broadcast Devices, Inc.

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DPS-100D Data Sheet

DPS-100D Technical Manual

“LIVE DEMO” of the DPS-100D sensor

Accessory-RMD-100 Remote Meter Display

Accessory-TMP-100 Temperature Sensor

Accessory-SW-100 Pressure Sensor

Software Downloads

Applications Notes For The DPS-100D

DPS-100D Application-Sending Text Message Alerts Using The DPS-100D

DPS-100D Application-Using Netbios Names With The DPS-100D

DPS-100D Application-DC Voltage Outputs

DPS-100D Application-Free Remote Control Meter Interface With Davicom Mini or Davicom 208/216

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