The SWP-206-D Antenna Monitor System is designed to interface to up to eight BDI DPS-100D power measurement systems and is suited for the monitor and protection of radio and television master antenna/combiner systems. The SWP-206 is a convenient single rack display of eight sets of forward and reflected power, temperature and transmission line pressure. The SWP-206 system is designed to distribute transmitter interlock control to up to eight transmitters utilizing BDI’s exclusive 3-Strike VSWR protection algorithm. The SWP-206 is web-enabled for remote display of all parameters and remote control of fault reset. Monitor and protection of RF transmission systems is made simple and reliable with BDI’s SWP-206 system in conjunction with BDI DPS-100D power measurement systems. BDI is the industry leader in providing totally integrated RF transmission system monitor/protection equipment. Call or email us today and allow us to help with your next antenna project.

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SWP-206-D Data Sheet

Accessory-DPS-100D Digital RF Power Measurement System