Broadcast Devices, Inc. announces a new product for the RF site industry, the SWP-300 RF Site Controller. The SWP-300 RF Site Controller is designed to provide complete web-enabled remote control of an RF site. The system provides direct connection to motorized RF switches and to the company’s popular DPS-100D True RMS Power Meter series. Complete transmitter control and interlock management is provided by a single connector; 16 additional control outputs, 8 status inputs and 4 analog inputs are provided. When DPS-100D power meters are interconnected forward and reflected power, temperature and transmission line pressure are displayed without the need to scale or setup analog inputs for this purpose. A web interface is provided that is compatible with BDI’s Stack Graphical User Interface. A simple setup program is supplied to label command buttons, status inputs and analog inputs. Accessories offered include pre-made motorized RF switch interface cable for direct plug and play connection to most RF switches offered.


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