ATB-300 Audio Toolbox AES Synchronous Audio Switcher

The ATB-300 Audio Toolbox AES Synchronous Audio Switcher with integrated silence sensor.

The ATB-300 Audio Toolbox from BDI is a rack mounted solution to switching and routing in the digital or analog domain. The ATB-300 can be ordered in eight different configurations. The basic configuration is the ATB-300-1 that accepts four AES3 inputs, that can be switched and routed to four AES3 outputs. If analog input is required in addition to AES3, the ATB-300-2 has four analog balanced stereo inputs in addition to the four AES3 inputs. The ATB-300-3 has AES3 I/O and analog output, if AES3 and analog I/0 are required. The ATB-300-4 is analog only L/R I/O and the ATB-300-5 provides four AES3 I/O and four balanced stereo I/O.  All ATB-300s have silence sensors.

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