The DAB-300 Series Dual Path IBOC Switcher with integrated silence sensor.

The DAB-300 Series Dual Path IBOC Switcher is ideal for digital audio IBOC routing.
The DAB-300 allows simultaneous synchronous switching of both analog and digital paths, and provides a low cost solution to your digital and/or analog audio routing and switching needs.

The DAB-300 is available in combinations of AES, Analog L/R and composite base band input. The unit can be ordered with any two input standards. The DSP architecture provides outstanding flexibility and reliability in a single rack chassis.

The DAB-300 incorporates a high quality silence detector for efficient, error-free switching upon loss of analog or digital transmitter path audio. Digital broadcasting requires synchronized audio paths and switching. the DAB-300 is designed to provide time-aligned switching of both paths simultaneously automatically or manually.  All DAB-300 Series Switchers have silence sensors.

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