The 8/16 Channel A/B Switcher

The 8/16 Channel A/B Switcher is a passive relay based broadcast switcher that accepts two sets of 8 or 16 channels that can be switched between; available in two models: either an 8- or 16-channel configuration. Use in any application where multiple switch connections are needed, such as studio switching, emergency switching or multi-channel audio switching. Simple ground start remote control and status are available from the rear panel. Front panel command and status buttons are standard. All connections are via DB-25 connectors. Signal connections conform to the Tascam D-88 standard for use with standard DB-25 to XLR break out cables, which are also available as an option from Broadcast Devices, Inc.

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8/16 Channel A/B Switcher Data Sheet

Accessories for 8/16 Channel A/B Switcher