The GPM-300 Series General Purpose Matrix Switcher with silence sensors.

The GPM-300 Series Matrix Switcher provides a low cost solution to your digital and/or analog audio routing and switching needs. The scalable modular design lets you purchase only what you need with room to expand. DSP architecture provides outstanding flexibility and reliability in a single rack chassis. An example application would be one EAS generator (digital or analog source) connected to the GPM-300 series matrix switcher. The GPM-300 can now switch the single EAS generator source to up to eight studios in your choice of digital/analog audio, or both. Give BDI your audio routing requirement, and let our team provide the solution with this outstanding product.  All GPM-300 Matrix Switchers have silence sensors for each output.

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GPM-300 Data Sheet

Accessories: Remote Control Panel for GPM Series Audio Switchers.

Accessories: Audio Interface Panels