The AES-408 8-Input Hybrid Digital-Analog Audio Switcher

Part of a series of digital audio products from BDI the AES-408 Digital Audio Switcher/DA/D to A Converter has features that few switchers have which makes it suitable for broadcast, professional audio, recording, and ENG truck use. Professional switching, distribution, diagnostics and digital to analog conversion all in one package The AES-408 can even manage non audio standard AES formats for switching and distribution. DIP switch programming of functions allows the user to customize which features for use in different audio situations. Lightweight aluminum construction in a standard EIA rack enclosure makes the AES-408 a great solution for portable setups for transportable rack configurations. Another great use is for automation due to the number of inputs and various ways to remote control the unit. Don’t settle for so called low cost solutions that don’t use XLR connectors, require a rack adapter kit or use “wall wart” power supplies. The AES-408 is a single EIA compatible rack enclosed product with a rugged internal power supply.

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AES-408 Data Sheet

AES-408 Technical Manual

Applications Notes For The AES-300/400 Series

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Using as a source selector at the transmitter site

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Using as a studio routing switcher

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Using as an air monitor switcher for IBOC installations

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Interfacing with the Telos Xstream Digital Audio Codec

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Interfacing with an inexpensive CD/DVD player to provide a backup audio path

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Add Automatic Error Reset Upon Switch Command

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series- Enhanced Silence Sensor Operation and Longer Time Delays

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Use to Switch In and Out of Delay to Legacy Analog Transmitters for IBOC Applications