The AES-404 Four Input Digital Audio Switcher

The AES-404 is a four input AES3 compatible digital audio switcher. A convenient single rack unit digital audio switcher with professional XLR connection throughout. Select channels from the front panel, GPIO or serial remote control. Two AES digital outputs are available for distribution to independent 110 ohm balanced lines. Ruggged RS422 line ddrivers provide excellent driving capability for long lines. The unit features complete error flag information with memory retained to aid in troubleshooting. Slipped sample, CRC error, parity error, coding error and unlock status are available. There is a sample rate indicator included.

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AES-404 Data Sheet

AES-404 Technical Manual

Applications Notes For The AES-300/400 Series

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Using as a source selector at the transmitter site

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Using as a studio routing switcher

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Using as an air monitor switcher for IBOC installations

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Interfacing with the Telos Xstream Digital Audio Codec

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Interfacing with an inexpensive CD/DVD player to provide a backup audio path

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Add Automatic Error Reset Upon Switch Command

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Enhanced Silence Sensor Operation and Longer Time Delays

Application Note-AES-300/400 Series-Use to Switch In and Out of Delay to Legacy Analog Transmitters for IBOC Applications