The AES-402 Digital Audio Switcher with integrated silence sensor.

The AES-402 is a two-input switcher which can operate automatically. When placed in the automatic mode, the unit monitors the incoming audio stream and can switch to an alternate path on user-selectable error flags, loss of clock or user-defined silence. The unit can be commanded remotely or locally to switch as well.The silence sensor can be set for 30, 60, 90 and 120 seeconds of delay before switching. The selected channel status indicator can even be set to blink to indicate audio level under threshold or loss of audio. All automatic switching functions are user configurable. The unit can be set up for any combination of silence and/or error switching. There is even a setting to disable the front panel switcher and mode select buttons for tamper proof operation. Full GPIO and serial remote control is available on the rear panel. We even included addressable RS-485 remote control so that multiple AES-402 units can be controlled through a single RS-485 control pair.  All AES-402 Digital Audio Switchers have silence sensors.

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AES-402 Data Sheet