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Broadcast Devices Inc., welcomes your interest in our technical manuals. Please contact us if you need immediate assistance or click on the links below to access a specific manual.

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RF Products

ACS-100-1 Antenna Switcher Controller

DPS-100D Digital RF Power Measurement System

Digi Monitor Version For Use With The BDI DPS-100D RF Power Monitor

SWP-200 Digital RF Power Meter/Switch Controller

SWP-206/VPS-100 8 Channel Protection System

RMD-100 Remote Meter Display

Solutions Products

REM-100 CBS Custom Version Remote Panel

REM-100 Pushbutton Panel

REM-400 Remote Control Panel

Audio Products

General Purpose Audio Products

ACS-300 Audio Controller

ACS-400 REM Audio Controller

AES-402 Digital Audio Switcher

AES-403 Two Input Automatic Multi Switcher

AES-404 Four Input Digital Audio Switcher

AES-408 8-Input Hybrid Digital-Analog Audio Switcher

HSA-100 Headphone Amplifier Module

5.1 + Stereo Monitor Controller

8/16 Channel A/B Switcher

Composite FM Stereo Baseband Products

CDS-302 Automatic Composite Audio Switcher

CDS-303 Custom 3-Input Composite Switcher

CMP-300 Composite Audio Mixer

CTD-1 Composite Decoder - AES Generator Module

CTD-300 Composite Decoder - AES Generator

LPF-100 Composite Low Pass Filter

Audio Tool Box Products

ATB-300 Quick Start Guide

DAB-300 Quick Start Guide

GPM-300 Series General Purpose Matrix Switcher

GPMRC Remote Control Panel

Obsolete Products

AES-200 Digital Audio Switcher

AES-302N Digital Audio Switcher

AES-302 Digital Audio Switcher

APC-200 Rightrack Technical Manual

CDS-200 Composite Audio Switcher

CDS-200-A Composite Audio DA

CDS-300 Composite Audio Switcher

UTA-200 Utility Amplifier System