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Broadcast Devices Inc. offers a variety of specialized RF products to the industry. Please take a look at just a few of our RF solutions, and contact us to discuss your special needs.

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 DPS100DThe DPS-100D Digital RF Power Measurement System

New! The DPS-100D Digital RF Power Measurement System includes a precision directional coupler ordered by EIA line size, and DPS-100D Digital RF power meter electronics package with onboard backlit LCD display. This system is suitable for measuring analog or digital RF signals with accuracy within +/- 5% of reading.

Use the DPS-100D as a standalone power monitor/antenna protection system or use more than one DPS-100D to create monitor system for master antenna applications or for complete RF facility site monitoring. The DPS-100D is part of a larger family of site monitoring products available from Broadcast Devices, Inc. Please click here for more information.

Please click here to access the DPS-100D technical manual.

Please click here for a live demo of the DPS-100D sensor.

DPS-100D Accessories: Please click on the items below for more information.

RMD-100 Remote Meter Display

TMP-100 Temperature Sensor

PSW-100 Pressure Sensor


RF Dashboard


The SWP-200 Digital RF Power Meter/Switch Controller

Cool guy logoPowerMeter

NAB 2009 Cool Stuff Award Winner! The SWP-200 Digital RF Power Meter/Switch Controller is suitable for digital and analog forward- and reflected-power measurements. The SWP-200 provides complete control of one to up to four RF switches. The SWP-200 can be interfaced to most four port switches and optionally can be provided with interface cables for most four port switches made. The SWP-200 provides one-button control of four port switches, manages interlock closures and transmitter control in a single rack unit chassis. Optional features include RF failure and RF safety sensing to protect a switch from damage if RF is present and a switch command is called for. The SWP-200 can operate in hands-off, pre-programmed mode, or in manually controlled mode. The SWP-200 also can be used in AM radio applications to control multiple open frame contactors. This is a versatile RF support product that provides around-the-clock peace of mind! Click here for more information.

Three Simple Steps For Ordering:

1. Frequency of Operation in MHz.
2. Line Size (1-5/8, 3-1/8, 4-1/16, 6-1/8 or custom)
3. RF Power Output In Watts or Kilowatts

Installation is easy, and setup takes just minutes!

Please click here to access the SWP-200 technical manual.

Please click here for information on our FREE Software Graphical User Interface.


The SWP-206 Digi Monitor


New! The SWP-206 Digi Monitor is designed to interface to up to eight BDI DPS-100D power measurement systems and is suited for the monitor and protection of radio and television master antenna/combiner systems. The SWP-206 is a convenient single rack display of eight sets of forward and reflected power, temperature and transmission line pressure. The SWP-206 system is designed to distribute transmitter interlock control to up to eight transmitters utilizing BDI's exclusive 3-Strike VSWR protection algorithm. The SWP-206 is web-enabled for remote display of all parameters and remote control of fault reset. Monitor and protection of RF transmission systems is made simple and reliable with BDI's SWP-206 system in conjunction with BDI DPS-100D power measurement systems. BDI is the industry leader in providing totally integrated RF transmission system monitor/protection equipment. Call or email us today and allow us to help with your next antenna project. Click here for more information.


The SWP-300 RF Site Controller

SWP-300 RF Site Controller

New! Broadcast Devices, Inc. announces a new product for the RF site industry, the SWP-300 RF Site Controller. The SWP-300 RF Site Controller is designed to provide complete web-enabled remote control of an RF site. The system provides direct connection to motorized RF switches and to the company’s popular DPS-100D True RMS Power Meter series. Complete transmitter control and interlock management is provided by a single connector; 16 additional control outputs, 8 status inputs and 4 analog inputs are provided. When DPS-100D power meters are interconnected forward and reflected power, temperature and transmission line pressure are displayed without the need to scale or setup analog inputs for this purpose. A web interface is provided that is compatible with BDI’s Stack Graphical User Interface. A simple setup program is supplied to label command buttons, status inputs and analog inputs. Accessories offered include pre-made motorized RF switch interface cable for direct plug and play connection to most RF switches offered.Click here for more information.


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