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Broadcast Devices Inc. offers a wide range of specialized devices designed to solve specific problems. Please take a look at our solutions products below, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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The REM-100 Remote Lighted Pushbutton Panel

Rem-100 Pushbutton Panel

NEW! The REM-100 Remote Lighted Pushbutton Panel is a single rack unit high panel with two groups of four lighted pushbuttons. Each group of buttons interfaces to a DB-25 connector on the rear panel of the unit. Each button can be configured for ground or voltage common and each button has an LED indicator that can be driven externally. Intended for any general purpose remote control application, or for use with the above REM-100 8 Channel Remote Control System. The REM-100 features all-steel construction designed to stand up to heavy-duty applications. Click here for more information.

Please click here to access the REM-100 technical manual.


The AIP-100 & DIP-100 8 Channel XLR Analog or Digital Panel

Analog IO


NEW! Using the Tascam and Yamaha DB-25 pin out standards, BDI has produced a simple and neat way to make connections to high quality XLR connectors via standard DB25 connections. The AIP-100 and DIP-100 8 Channel XLR Analog or Digital Panel is an ideal solution to high cost snakes that end up hanging, or falling to the floor. These quality panels help you organize your connections by simply mounting to the front or rear of your rack rails.
This is an excellent choice for radio and television stations, control rooms, recording studios etc. The panel is a perfect accessory for our Audio ToolBox products, but can also be used to connect any device which uses the Tascam, or Yamaha DB-25 to XLR standard. Please click here for more information.

The HSA-100 Headphone Amplifier Module


The HSA-100 Headphone Amplifier Module is an old favorite. If you require a rugged headphone amplifier for a talent station, the HSA-100 will install easily and last for years. The module features balanced or unbalanced input with adjustable input sensitivity from +4 to -10 dBm. There are three outputs available, two on the front of the module and a three-position connector on the side for additional headphone connections. The output of the HSA-100 is capable of driving 8 ohm loads so additional headsets can be driven simultaneously, or the HSA-100 can be used as a monitor amplifier for driving small, bookshelf-type monitors. Outputs are discrete transistors for high current output. Each output is short-circuit-protected for long life. Input connector is a simple screw-clamp connector requiring only a stripped wire connection. Other features include a long life plastic conductive stereo attenuator and jumper selected input sensitivity. Choose +8, +4, 0, 05, -10 dBm setting. The HSA-100 requires +/-15 VDC power. An optional power pack is available. Click here for more information.

Please click here to access the HSA-100 technical manual.


The CDS-200 Active Transformer/DA


The CDS-200 Active Transformer/DA is a true instrumentation type, balanced input amplifier with three unbalanced outputs for use whenever you need to go from a balanced to unbalanced configuration. The CDS-200 input is AC coupled and has excellent common mode rejection to eliminate hum and to provide a single professional input to three consumer type outputs. Each output is completely isolated and has a level control. Requires +/15 VDC. Use your own supply or order the BDI RPS-300 regulated power supply and transformer. Click here for more information.

Please click here to access the CDS-200 technical manual.

The UNI-200 Universal Remote Interface Card


The UNI-200 is a versatile circuit card that provides isolation between a remote control point and a controlled device. The UNI-200 uses dry relay contacts (normally open or normally closed) for its control outputs and open collector switched paths to ground for status or tally indicators. The UNI-200 is ideal for use with passive remote switch panels or as an interface buffer for remote telemetry systems. Signals to the card are opto-isolated and ground activated to provide the ultimate in isolation.

Through dip switch settings, the UNI-200 can be programmed to provide a momentary or maintained (latching) closure. The momentary closure can be programmed to provide a "hold on" delay for situations that require debouncing or a temporary maintained closure. The status outputs can be programmed to flash an indicator at a variable rate or remain on steady. The status outputs can be made to follow the state of the on-card relay or be triggered from an external source. On and off status outputs are provided, as well as a regulated 12-volt source to drive tally lamps without any additional power supplies. Click here for more information.

Please click here for the UNI-200 technical manual.